Monday, March 12, 2012

TRX Workout: Check!

um, I won't be able to feel my arms, legs and abs tomorrow. After a particularly good, but busy day (first team unit started to onboard today - woot for Toronto!), I headed to the gym for a "TRX Try-Out". Uh huh. Javier, who is lovely, took us through a boot camp session with the TRX. Funny enough, I still can't do anything involving triceps, and I am feeling out of it and simply blah.

I think this session just proved I need to start moving more regularly. To be honest, this last week and a half, I haven't worked out as much as I should have, or as much as I need to. Today I start over. Fall down seven times, get up eight times, right Tim? and I'm feeling pudgy. I'm sure it has nothing to do with my oat-fudge bar that I 'had' to get this morning. NOTHING.

On a bright, somewhat surprising note, Javier, the trainer, was pretty good - he made some wisecracks to one chick about the workout: "I can't tell you how much you'll get out of it - that is up to you and how hard you want to work". SNAP! We were doing some pushups, and ab-y bridges when Javier said, "let's have a challenge!" And he asked us to do 'atomic push-ups' which is trainer code for 'sucker, you will cry'. I didn't, and I pushed myself and did 'em. so there.

This was also only my second full TRX session ever. The people in the class seem nice enough, if slightly quiet (We'll fix that). It wasn't so bad, and I will definitely work the 2/week sessions into my workouts while I'm in Toronto. BEST OUTCOME: I really need my classes to keep me motivated, challenged and accountable. I don't know why. I'll think about it then let ya know ;) Or tell me - leave me a comment.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Horror! I'm not really a procrastinator! WHAT?

Still in Toronto and no longer at the hotel with the fancy gym. I decided to go the closest BigBox Fitness Shop. it's a completely different experience there than my gym back home - which I'm lucky to say has completly changed the way I think about fitness and strength.

First I made an appointment to see a trainer. As it turns out, that doesn't actually mean you have an appointment. Upon arriving, I'm told my trainer had left for the day (with a wink and a smile). hmm.. so I booked myself another appointment right then for the next night. When I returned, a) the front desk jockey didn't remember me and b) the trainer was double booked. So I waited. When the trainer arrives she looks me up and down and says "Are you a runner?" Apparently my running room jacket, lulu tights and garmin gave it away. Points for observation.

Let's be honest, it's not like I need a trainer anyway, just let me have access to the place and I'll figure it out from there. but they needed to calculate my "REal Age". Sweet potato fries! I cut that conversation short. Am I a snob?

At some point in this story, you're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with being or not being a procrastinator. At any given frustrating moment over the 48 hour period that I've been in Toronto I could have (and would have normally) said 'screw it' and gave up. I didn't - I think I'm turning away from the procrastination. WHAT?

Wait. I finally gain access to the gym and it's four freaking floors of machines, and FULL of people. I'm such a snob. I want my Calgary gym back. They 'introduce' me to the TRX and call it 'the newest, most productive fitness tool in years'. Honey, I've been glaring at and giving attitude to that contraption for a solid year, if not more. New, my ass. Try a freaking VIPR.

I go up and up and up to the fourth floor where I've been watching people row from my office window for a month now. I do 3 sets of 500m (2:16, 2:08, 2:02) and then seek out a place to stretch. Oh by the way, I rowed faster than the guy beside me. just sayin'.

I find a 'stretching' area and start doing my eagle and window wiper thingys. This gym is FULL of people. I don't know whether to be glad that the facility is obviously being used, or annoyed that I can't move without touching someone that I don't know.

It now occurs to me that I actually am blessed to get to workout with people who I genuinely like and enjoy. We have a great time at our bootcamps and I really miss their support when I don't get to see them in Toronto. That and they are very funny. and they are my buddies. some of them may have contributed to my drunken state on Friday night :)

I guess I'll deal with Big Box Fitness. They don't seem to have kettle bells, VIPRs or gymnastics, but I'm sure I will manage for two weeks at a time.

peace, h.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Holy Crap, You want to do what? in Toronto? huh?

So, after a very long period of unblogging, I've decided, no... that's not accurate. I've been guilted... into starting up again. Albeit, for a very good reason - accountabilty... which for a procrastinator tends to be elusive... on purpose.

I have new friends. They go to my morning bootcamp. Funny how that happened... but maybe I'll blog about that tomorrow and today, I'll focus on my relentless journey to be healthy. #fail

Oh but what about Toronto you say? Okay, let's get on with it. I'm in Toronto building a new team for my department and company back home. According to my boss, there's not really anyone else who could pull it off, but hey, she's a master manipulator and now I'm sitting on my beige bed, surrounded by beige walls in a very beige and maroon Marriott in Yorkville. not that there's anything wrong with Beige... it just all starts to blend in after some time.

So... I joined a bootcamp, met some new friends, built stronger relationships with other friends in Calgary, and now I'm in Toronto. I seriously don't know how these things happen to me. Glad to see the Toronto ladies again - have seen VG and AS, but haven't yet connect with LA - that'll be this week. The 'dreaded' week. The week that shall not be named, although I know I've already talked about it, so it will be acknowledged. I'll take ACCOUNTABILITY for that one - it's my own damned fault.

Again, back to fitness. Before the trip to the T-dot, I sprained my SI Joint doing some deadlifts and Kettle bell swings with bad technique. Now I'm in 'rehab' because my 'ass doesn't work' (according to my trainer DM). Great, let's get that booty off it's lazy-ass and get it contributing. shit. Only me.

Today I did my workout even though my ASS hurt from yesterday's and my back is starting to feel much better, thank you very much. The other 'gym rats' at Marriott seemed rather 'concerned' about my fitness choices and even tried to ask me questions, while doing their biceps curls, about why I was lying face-down trying to touch my toe to my opposite shoulder. I pretended to be non-english speaking. desperate times, my friends, desperate times. I really don't have a choice but to follow DM's advice on this one. and so this month, will be all about fixing/rehabing my ass and back. huh. fitting for my birthday month. 39 is still not acceptable.

Food-wise it does not help that the Longos is next door. but it does help that there is a Freshii and a starbucks on every corner. Okay on that note, i'm off to do some work (which is why I live in a Marriott, afterall).

Shake it like a polariod pictures, my lovelies!!! xoxox, me.

Monday, May 31, 2010

New PR in the 5K!!

On Sunday, David and I ran the Calgary Marathon's 5K race. David kept me running the entire time and we finished in just over 33 mins - about 40 secs faster than my last 5K race. Considering I've been sidelined with my back injury since April, I'm pretty impressed with myself! heheh

Candice qualified for Boston and improved her marathon time by 18mins! I'm in awe. She killed the qualifying time of 3:45 by coming in at 3:27! WHAT? that's incredible.

Next up is the "Betty's Run for ALS". It's an 8k race. I'm a little worried, but figure that if I don't think about it too much I could probably be okay.

I've decided that I will attempt the Calgary Marathon next year after the Bermuda race - why lose momentum, huh?

Hope you're all good and we'll be posting more soon! xo, h. and yes, Nat, I'll come back to yoga this week :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finally feeling better...

So the dress fit for Lise's wedding! whew. I did those Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout dvds, plus my running. Not only did I win our work's biggest loser competition (won about $120), but I fit into the dress. Now, back into the running business.

Next Sunday I do another 5K run - Candice rejigged my race plan to adjust for April & most of May's "relax the back" effort resulting from the car crash. I am very excited to get back into the routine of it all. Get this - I'm even considering signing up for a full marathon a year from now in May of next year!

Bernie is great and says hi to everyone. He has not yet eaten anything of importance (knock on wood). We had professional pictures taken of the little monster so I'll post those on FB shortly.

love to all!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cranky, cranky...

In an effort to fit into my bridesmaid's dress, I've decided to take a drastic, albeit ridiculous and unhealthy approach to losing weight: basically starving myself. I've never done this before and believe me, it sucks. I've only been doing this since Tuesday and it's not too bad - I am eating some stuff, a lot of celery, some oatmeal in the morning, soup for lunch and more flavored tea than I care to ever drink again. I fell off the wagon a bit last night - we went to a housewarming where I indulged in some appetizers and white bread and a glass of wine: the most food I've eaten in four days in one sitting. I cannot believe I'm doing this.

I've lost 6 pounds in a week and a half and at least two of them are from this crazy eating idea. don't fret, dear friends, this will be OVER next saturday. I only have an inch left to do up on zipper.

I am one cranky lady today.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This sucks!!!

Month 4
Mood: irritated/semi-defeated/cranky

Apparently the accident happened at the right time - any sooner, and I would have likely given up on the whole Bermuda Triangle dream. And later, and I wouldn't be able to finish the long-distance training. I am still very upset about not being able to run - I've been losing weight and feeling so much better and then BAM! sidelined. Plus I really wanted to win the Biggest Loser contest at work, but that doesn't look like it will happen either.

The drugs that my doctor gave me have little affect - naproxin is supposed to be a really good anti-inflammatory and Flexoral as a muscle relaxer. I took four of the later at one time on Sunday and it hardly made a difference... but I did sleep Sunday night ;)  The need to self-medicate has never been higher. I think all the pills are giving me a sinus infection or something because I can't hear out of my left ear. I'm a mess.

Went for accupuncture this morning. It always messes me up - afterward I feel drunk, or out of sorts. Maybe I"m just really relaxed. Working from home today because I can't really sit, and my work tends to be all over the place and moving about is just too much right now. I can't even lift the puppy (Bernie) over the baby gate without screaming. I do find that if I hold my breath when exerting myself the screaming goes away... hehehe.